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About Us

Valencia Camille S.

Founder and Owner

Valencia always had a passion for admiring and creating beautiful objects. Growing up in Detroit was the perfect environment to foster a love of painting, art and design. After graduating from the University of Michigan, School of Architecture, she traveled throughout Europe to visit many of the places she had only read about. Valencia's world travels helped foster a respect for culture and influenced her academically trained eye to have a greater appreciation for handcrafted products.
After returning from Europe, she worked for 17 years in corporate sales in New York City and Los Angeles. But something was missing. She wanted to translate all of the history and culture she had experienced growing up in Detroit and traveling abroad. She moved back to Michigan and started SOL-3 Avenue, an online and pop-up boutique. Valencia started making her own jewelry using similar precious stones that she saw throughout her travels. Her graphic designs were created from the architectural motifs she saw in buildings around the world. She began building a customer following at her pop-up locations where customers tend to linger in the welcoming atmosphere she creates.
Today the evolution of the SOL-3 Avenue brand continues to grow towards her goal of making beautiful handmade and sustainable products. The journey continues as she expresses her passions in the products she creates and sells.